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Energy Awareness in Flux

Keywords: energy pass, thermic renovation
Type: diploma project
Year: 2009
Discipline: Building Construction

Firstly we created a simple plan of a typical detached house with 160 m² living space. This house was adjusted to 3 different periods of time which are the 1920´s, 1970´s and the present. So each of us worked on his epoch and adjusted the plan to his decade. The only precondition was to keep the same external dimension and to use the same heating system which was in our case a system based on oil. It was very easy to compare and to see where the weak points are. Another main aspect of our thesis is explaining the “Energy pass” which has been obligatory since this year. So we used the programme “ArchiPhysik” to get the data which we needed for this energy pass. With the aid of this software we created an energy pass for each of these buildings. The result of the calculations was as expected. These data and the thermo pictures, which we also created on our own with the software called “AnTherm”, showed us clearly that a reconstruction of the older buildings has to be done. The next step was to find out where the weak points are. With this knowledge it was possible to think about cost effective solutions to improve thermal characters. Our focus was also on the costs of the reconstruction and how long it will need until you make a profit from it. After all these steps we found out the best and most cost effective solution for reconstruction. We decided to insulate the walls and floors and to exchange windows and the entrance door. After a new calculation with “ArchiPhysik” and new Thermo pictures with” AnTherm” it was sure that our solutions will work. The new Energy pass showed the expected results. A gigantic improvement was reached and the newly calculated operational costs showed huge savings. The conclusion of this thesis is on the one hand the explaining of the Energy pass and why we need it and on the other hand what “Energiebewusstsein im Wandel der Zeit” means to us and what should be the way of building in the future depending on economical and financial aspects

further information

Team: Patrick Brodtrager, Robert Pittini, Marco Steinberger
Class: 5AHBTH
Tutor: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Gert Civegna
Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Kerbler
Department: Bautechnik, led by: Civegna Gert, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. OStR.
College: Höhere technische Bundeslehranstalt Zeltweg
Hauptstraße 182
8740 Zeltweg